Monday, March 9, 2015

[REL] City of Long Beach Gang Mod

Here is the mod that alot of people have been waiting for... all gangs are accurately located based on Long Beach Gang Maps... I have had alot of issues with this mod but I think I was able to eliminate most of the big ones, this mod now works 90% of the time All gangs have relationships with other gangs based on real life... 

                                          Long Beach Gangs
                                       Asian Boyz - Enemy
                                                      Barrio Pobre - Enemy
                                     Long Beach Insane Crips - Neutral
                                             Rollin 20s Crips - Neutral
                                       Rollin 80s West Coast Crips - Neutral
                                     Satanas - Player Gang. (Player is only Black member in Pinoy Gang)
                                      Sons of Samoa - Neutral (Still being worked on, only 2 peds in gang)
                                                  Tiny Raskals Gang - Enemy
                                                 Varrio Longos - Enemy
                                                 Vietnamese Boyz - Enemy

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